How I stopped being frightened when I have to take a plane

This is the first of my writings for the English class. Actually, it was very good, but I have to take out the poulder from my English, I think…


The journey I’m going to tell you about was very terrifying for me. Flights used to frighten me, and that day I had to take three planes. I traveled to go to a congress in Salzburg, Austria. But that morning I was very nervous. I had to go to La Virgen del Camino airport to take my first flight. It was from Leon to Madrid. The first surprise I had was when the woman at the check-in desk told me that my luggage would travel from Leon to Salzburg directly and I shouldn’t take care of it. I thought that my poor luggage would be surely lost… “This is what we know as a good start”, I thought.
The flight to Madrid was very easy indeed. It took me over 45 minutes and I didn’t have time to get nervous. But I was afraid about the second flight. It’d be from Madrid to Frankfurt and it’d take over three hours. Three hours hanging on a little white machine navigating the sky! It was really terrifying! I tried to calm me when I went into the plane. I sat in my seat, fastened my belt and thought “relax and enjoy… If you can!”
Really, the flight was good, and after having taken my lunch and read something, we took land at Frankfurt airport… I was starting to like it… It wasn’t as terrifying at all as I thought.
After three hours waiting in transit, I went on board my last plane to Salzburg airport. The journey would take me only half an hour, so it will be easy. The landscape from up there was very beautiful, although it was very terrifying also, because we were passing through the Alps. Finally, we took land at Salzburg. The view was wonderful, because the landing strip had a great mountain to its right. “We have had to pass through this mountain to land… Wow!”, I thought.
Finally I went to the luggage desk in order to take mine… When the strip started to run, I was even thinking that my luggage would be lost. But, fortunately, I saw it going out some minutes after… My journey had ended well. And my fear had completely disappeared. From that day, I haven’t got fear to fly anymore.

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